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Don’t Be Bored: Flamenco Dance and Fishbowl Platforms

As far as folk dance forms go, flamenco enjoys a wide following in Washington. Several studios offer classes, a handful of semipro companies perform around town, and every winter, the Flamenco Festival brings the warmth of the Iberian Peninsula to the Lisner Auditorium. This year, the Spanish embassy and cultural ministry have put some extra [...]

Reviewed: Rocío Molina at Lisner, Feb. 14

Rocío Molina's hands snap sometimes when she unfurls her arms, a punctuation I didn't expect. Flamenco's usually fluid motions aren't the only one of the art form's conventions that she's discarded—gone, too, are cartoonish sexuality and a sense that you're watching folk art. This is precise stuff, and Oro Viejo, the program about aging and [...]