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For Your Eyes Only: The Weekend in Filmfest

Just in case you were off getting culture elsewhere, Arts Desk went ahead and picked out the best of the rest of Filmfest D.C. If you waited until the last second, this is it! Here are the final films of the final weekend, assembled for your enjoyment.
Friday, April 15th
If you'd like to start the weekend [...]

Reviewed: Four Lions

Who says we have to take terrorism seriously? Sure, our leaders may consider Islamic extremism an existential threat and most of our movies and television shows on the topic star beard-stroking masterminds and their inevitable run-ins with CIA operatives. But perhaps sinister plots to wreak chaos in the name of the Almighty aren’t always borne [...]

Blurb Watch: The Sicilian Girl May Be Fascinating, Thrilling, and Nail-Biting, Just Not “FASCINATING, THRILLING, NAIL-BITING!”

I don't keep a tally, I admit, of how often our reviews get blurbed on movie posters—though I'd imagine the answer is "very, very occasionally." But I feel compelled to correct the record somewhat after seeing Washington City Paper's name adorning a poster at E Street Cinema* last night, beneath the words "FASCINATING, THRILLING, NAIL-BITING!"
Those [...]