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For Noah Coverage, D.C.’s Film Critics Were Initially Shut Out

Paramount Pictures has been looking pretty nervous in the run-up to Friday's release of the biblical epic Noah. So nervous it attached a disclaimer to the film so that no one would confuse a nine-figure tentpole directed by the guy who made The Wrestler for something that's biblically literal. So nervous it actually sent Russell Crowe to the [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Bridge Over Troubled Water, For the Love of Movies

In the 40 years since Simon & Garfunkel released their final—and seminal—studio album Bridge Over Troubled Water, the singers' solo careers could not have been more divergent. Paul Simon, before settling in to his current incarnation as a Baby-Boomer nostalgia act, had more success than most reggae and afropop artists in popularizing those genres. (Remember, Vampire [...]

Now That We’ve All Had 16 Months to Collect Our Thoughts About the New Star Trek…

We could peg this to the publication last weekend of Pat Jordan's fine New York Times profile of William Shatner, or to the fact that today is the day after Labor Day — the first day of classes when I was coming up through Fairfax County, Va.'s exemplary public school system back in nineteenninetyneveryoumind. [...]

An Extremely Minor Complaint About Machete

Lots of people get their heads cut off in Machete, but I'm left with the feeling that there actually were not enough decapitations. Of course, the Machete character kills his adversaries in many interesting ways, and a significant portion of the film's entertainment value stems from this creativity. But after seeing Machete once, I'm struck [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘America!’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Those who've spent substantial portions of their intellectual lives poring over Alexis de Tocqueville—i.e. New York Times columnists, Tea Partiers, and anybody who wishes to reinforce any political argument ever—might benefit from the insights of a new biography, discussing the limits of Tocqueville’s research and what a difficult time he had getting laid in [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Film Criticism is Dead’ Edition

Mornin' folks!
Film criticism is dead! Brandeis professor Thomas Doherty has the scoop in the Chronicle Review. Whodunit? Doherty's theory: Blogs, on the Internet, with the Endless Waves of Unlearned Ranting. To illustrate this, Doherty points us to an example of a fan/critic site that apparently has not been redesigned since 1996. The rhetoric of blog-based [...]