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ToDo ToDay: Andrea Fraser! Drinks and Dessert!

Many annoying tropes of performance art can be traced to Andrea Fraser but tonight at the Corcoran, she'll present a reflective piece. The artist will reenact a 1972 broadcast about feminism. The original “Men on the Line, KPFK” piece interviewed four men on their feelings about the feminist movement; Fraser will read those transcripts, performing [...]

Memorable Dance Performances of 2011

A psychology-major roommate told me once that a hallmark of the human brain is its proclivity for categorization. Well, count me in. In ruminating about this year’s memorable dance performances, I found myself subconsciously dividing them into three groups.
These are the shows that vibrated with energy and left audience members practically sweating with a visceral [...]

Why No African Musicians in Fela?

Like the Washington City Paper theater and dance critics who've seen Fela! during its ongoing run at the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Harman Center, I found much to like about this musical bio of Nigeria’s most controversial musician. But I found one thing in the production a bit curious. While the actors and dancers all seemed to be of [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Gaurav Gopalan, Fela!, Moneyball

Trey Graham leads this week's arts section with his deep and affecting look at the life and final days of Garauv Gopalan, a local theatermaker who was murdered in Columbia Heights earlier this month. Bob Mondello reviews the Harman Center's Fela!, an ecstatic revolutionary musical, and Arena's Trouble in Mind, Alice Childress' backstage almost-classic about race in America. [...]

Arts Roundup: Home Opening Edition

White Cube in an English Basement: The Washington Post looks at some of the District's more interesting gallery spaces—private homes. Take, for example, Porch Projects in Capitol Hill and artist Judy Byron's home in Mount Pleasant and enthusiast Ray Hennessy's home in Trinidad. Three = trend! But, yes, yes, D.C. doesn't have enough opportunities for [...]

International Music Roundup: Tego Calderon, Caetano Veloso, Rokia Traore

It's another busy weekend of international artists visiting the D.C. area. Here are some recommendations.
Tego Calderon (pictured above) performs with Blackpoint at Fur Night Club, 33 Paterson St. NW. Calderon is a respected veteran Puerto Rican rapper who rhymes over salsa, hip-hop and reggaeton. Blackpoint provided the music for the fun New York Dominican kids [...]