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At Funkmnkyz Show, Fast Eddie’s Cracks Down on Rapping and Bandanas

D.C.-based hip-hop and rock fusion act Funkmnkyz was only a few songs into its gig at Centreville sports bar Fast Eddie’s last Friday night when something jarring happened: One of the restaurant's managers came onstage and told the band members they couldn't rap anymore. The instrumentalists could continue playing, but the vocalists had to stop.
"We’re [...]

Live Tonight: Alexis y Fido at Fast Eddie’s

Complaining in 2010 that all reggaeton sounds the same is like complaining that all techno or zydeco or salsa sounds the same. It’s kind of missing the point, because all of these genres are designed for dancing. The artists maintain those frameworks for the folks shaking what their mamas gave them out on the floor. [...]