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Don’t Be a Bama: The T-Shirt

Bama-like behavior. It's everywhere. We've gotta stop it.
Luckily, there's a T-shirt for that.
Let's say you're hosting a party at your house. You chose the playlist, and your friends are all liking it—they're dancing and enjoying themselves. Then some guest-of-a-guest walks up to the stereo, turns off your music, and hooks up his iPod. He wants [...]

SHOWDOWN: U.S. Royalty vs. American Royalty

Alas, there is no street beef between the bands U.S. Royalty and American Royalty. There are only questions: Which band is more regal? Which one best represents the U.S. of A.? Sadly, this AWESOMELY EXCLUSIVE CHART doesn't help much:




Slightly tarnished AM gold
with literary aspirations
Mildly eccentric indie-electro
with pop tendencies


Mirrors LP
Matchstick EP (out Feb. [...]

Washington Post‘s “Scene In” Series: News-Site Video that Isn’t Crappy

The Post's "Scene In" street-fashion video series is perpetually cheery, as if a handful of thoughtful fashionistas can make a rainbow in any neighborhood. We know better, of course: Spend 15 minutes on K Street at the end of a July workday, and style will appear to be a faint afterthought in the melted minds [...]

Off Target: Retailer’s Designer Lines Tough to Find in D.C.

Good luck finding these Cynthia Vincent shoes: they're not
available online or at the Columbia Heights Target.
The ads in glossies and on TV have got you pumped. You've previewed the collection on your favorite fashion blog. You go online the day the collection is released and it's already sold out. What the fuck?, you think. This [...]

The Sartorialist Will Not Be Impressed by Your Outfit Tonight

Drop the cravat. Put that jaunty hat back in the closet. And you can leave your Dutch bike parked at home. The Sartorialist may be coming to D.C. tonight for a book signing (the titular 512 page photo book is his first), but he is here to do precisely that: sign your book. Meaning: [...]