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Label Condition: A Selective Overview of D.C. DIY Labels

D.C. doesn’t make too many waves in mainstream music, but who cares? We’re not lacking for great local music—nor the DIY record labels that support it.
Any rockist outside of town probably associates D.C. with the fabled Dischord label, and hip-hop heads undoubtedly know about Wale’s The Board Administration imprint and Raheem DeVaughn’s 368 Music Group. [...]

Stocking Stuffer: Fan Death’s Tape Series

D.C./Baltimore label Fan Death, you'll remember, is one of the area's more combustible record companies. They've also got a pretty impressive track record, which after three years now numbers 32 releases. Their latest offering is a four-item series of cassettes from Baltimore drum abuser Ed Schrader, Baltimore noise peddlers Roomrunner (the new band of Double Dagger drummer [...]

Dance Music for Misanthropes: A Chat With No Love Lost’s Sean Gray and Denman Anderson

For the last year or so, Fan Death Records co-proprietor Sean Gray and DJ and man-about-town Denman C. Anderson have been repping hard for something called cold wave, or minimal synth—an obscure subset of post-punk that's been enjoying a slightly less obscure revival in recent years thanks to the work of labels like Wierd Records [...]

On the Pleasures of Receiving a Cassette in the Mail

True story: If you send me a cassette tape, I will totally listen to it. This is because 1) I have a working cassette deck at home; and 2) guess how often I get to use it?
So I was pretty happy to get this demo cassette from D.C.'s Black Telephone yesterday. I was also pretty [...]

Video: Phonic Riot’s Wailing Will Totally Melt Your Brain

It's a slow day here at Arts Desk Central, so I'll point you to this clip of locals Phonic Riot, which is totally melting my brain this afternoon. FYI: Scene provocateurs Fan Death Records inform me via G-Chat that with Phonic Riot, they now enjoy three D.C. bands, up from two. We'll have to assume [...]

Yr Local Indie-Rock News: Mary Timony’s Wild Flag Signs to Merge, Fan Death Posts Fall Mix

Two quick hits:
- Pitchfork reports: D.C.'s Mary Timony, of Helium and solo work and lately Soft Power, has a new band called Wild Flag, which is now signed to Merge, and which has some West Coast dates coming up. Also in the group: Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, and The Minders' Rebecca Cole. I'll shelve [...]

Load Records Nixes Release of Final Drunkdriver Album

When the harsh, noisy New York band Drunkdriver dissolved last week amid allegations that its drummer, Jeremy Villalobos, has a history of sexual assault, it looked as though its new self-titled record would still be released on April 14 on Load Records. That, anyway, is what the band wrote on its blog last Friday: "It [...]

Arts Roundup: “No Haterade for DNA Test Fest” Edition

Good morning! It is, you know, that day! The one with the pranks! However, today's roundup is prank-free. Really, I promise. Promise promise.
In today's print City Paper, I write about the recent flaring-up of rumors concerning Drunkdriver and Pygmy Shrews drummer Jeremy Villalobos. In the last two weeks, allegations that he'd committed several acts of [...]

Falling Off Allege: How Online Accusations of Rape Helped Break Up Drunkdriver

On a message board last week, one commenter posted a picture of a smashed Drunkdriver record.
Fan Death Records co-founder Sean Gray came across the rumors last Monday night, accusations he’d encountered before, researched, and cautiously dismissed as hearsay: Did Jeremy Villalobos, the drummer for two of the Maryland label’s bands, have a history of sexual [...]

Arts Roundup: Geek-Out Edition

*Yesterday a rare copy of Detective Comics No. 27, which features the first ever appearance of Batman, sold for the a record $1,075,500, The Washington Post reports. The return on that investment? Pretty good. "In 1939, the comic sold for 10 cents; the consignor bought the record-setting book in the '60s for $100," writes Michael [...]