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Arts Roundup: T. Rex Edition

The Washington Post published a special museums section this week—though, it's unfortunately ill-timed because of the government shutdown and all. [Post]
The shutdown also ruined National Fossil Day by delaying this T. rex skeleton's journey to the Museum of Natural History. [Post]
Shutdown closes Adventure Theatre, too. [D.C. Theatre Scene]
Read this great essay by Fan Death Records founder [...]

I Love Cassettes, and That’s Why I Don’t Love Cassette Store Day

Despite media chatter about a recent “cassette resurgence,” most people still haven't re-embraced the tape. Anyone under 30 probably associates them with their parents' music collections, and only a slim margin of record nerds knows about their prevalence among obscure noise and punk bands. But soon, you'll be able to buy cassettes from big-name bands [...]

Bodycop’s Final Freakout: A Chat With Drummer Jason Lobe

It was easy to miss Bodycop. During the local band's short tenure, it shunned websites and mostly played DIY spaces and house shows. But the band's crushing, twisted Swans worship—and a cassette release on Fan Death Records—has brought it a loyal underground following. As Bodycop's shows got more intense, rumors began to fly about self-mutilation [...]

Radio Daze: Why, and How, WMUC Should Declare Independence

Two weeks ago, as the University of Maryland’s student-run radio station WMUC-FM faced its worst funding crisis in recent memory, it had a peculiar this-is-real moment: a tweet from Weezer, surely one of North America’s least serious bands. “[It’s] wrong,” advised the four-piece to its nearly 400,000 followers. “read, help.”
WMUC, founded in 1937, is resolutely [...]

The Vinyl Countdown: The Cassettes, Screen Vinyl Image, Hume

An irregular roundup of local releases on vinyl.
The Cassettes, "I've Been Gone Far Too Long" 7-inch: The first release from the Northern Virginia steampunkers in two years, this three-song 7-inch is unusually self-aware for the group: "In the last world/we said our words/and now we're here again," sings frontman Shelby Cinca in "I've Been Gone," [...]

On the Pleasures of Receiving a Cassette in the Mail

True story: If you send me a cassette tape, I will totally listen to it. This is because 1) I have a working cassette deck at home; and 2) guess how often I get to use it?
So I was pretty happy to get this demo cassette from D.C.'s Black Telephone yesterday. I was also pretty [...]

Download: Screen Vinyl Image’s “New Visions”

We've devoted a lot of words on this blog to what Fan Death Records hates about D.C.—and less, for better or for worse, on what the Maryland label loves.
I'll drop the editorial we and say that I can get behind D.C.'s Screen Vinyl Image, whose "Siberian Eclipse" 7-inch drops on Fan Death on June 29. [...]