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Temporary Still Permanent: Albus Cavus Plans a One-Night Street-Art Party

The Water St. Project may have run for a mere 11 days in April and Art Whino's G40 exhibition may have migrated to Richmond, but the phenomenon of street-art-driven pop-up parties is hydra-headed and furious: For one night next week, the street-art nonprofit Albus Cavus and AIGA, a professional organization for designers, is taking over a [...]

In Theaters This Week

Good God, there are a lot of new movies opening today. They're not all winners, but from docs to sci-fi to period romance, if you don't find something that interests you, you must hate America.
(Click links to reveal the reviews encoded within. Or, in Fame's case, the more entertaining "Nine Most Scathing Critical Responses.")
Bright Star: [...]