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ToDo ToDay: FotoWeek, Fall Fringe, Corcoran Community Day, and James Blake

NoMa could never be called the District’s most visually appealing neighborhood. But it has played host to heaps of local photography this year—notably during the recent FotoBazaar, and now, for the sixth annual edition of FotoWeek. This year’s photo festival kicks off tonight with a hipster-flavored cocktail-and-dance party at FotoWeek’s official HQ at the National [...]

Weekend Picks: Fall Fringe

While it may cause vision-blurring cognititive dissonance just to think about anything related to the Captial Fringe Festival while comfortably wearing long pants (or maybe I'm just projecting), Fall Fringe, the seven-year-old DIY theater bacchanal's cool-weather cousin, is upon us. The second of its three weekends kicks off tonight. The majority of the [...]

Openings: Fall Fringe and the Virgin Mary

What's new this weekend in local arts.
It's Friday! If that's not enough reason to rejoice, none of the new arts openings this weekend have anything to do with Tuesday's election or the aftermath of the Frankenstorm. Instead, they're a wide mix of innovative theater, photographs about social and religious issues, and modernist paintings inspired by [...]

Arts Roundup: Mrs. Know-It-All Edition

Bounce Back Kingz: On its blog, go-go outfit TCB posts an update on Polo, its lead talker who was hospitalized following a concert year and spent some time in a coma:
Polo is no longer in what they call "end of life"care which means he  has been removed off of hospice. He is no longer in [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Spaced Out Desert Trip

The words “jangly” and “surf pop” are thrown around so much today, it can be difficult to tell one band from another. But California’s Ganglians do love tambourines and bells, so “jangly” is fairly literal. The band creates infectiously weird, haunting psychedelic folk rock, something like the soundtrack to a spaced-out desert trip. Ganglians’ first [...]

Fall Fringe Music Lineup Is, Well, Suitably Fringey

One of the hallmarks of Capital Fringe, however unpleasant, is the time spent on those sweltering nights on New York Avenue NW underneath the festival's Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, trying to drink away the thick, punishing heat. And sometimes, the booze isn't enough, but a band playing in the next room might ease the swampy brutality [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Prosecco Flashes

Maybe you didn’t Fringe hard enough in August. Maybe you didn’t Fringe at all. Maybe you’re straight-up new to Fringe. But whatever your relationship with the Capital Fringe Festival, you can, beginning today, indulge in a brief reprisal of 11 popular shows from the fest’s June slate. It’s not quite the summertime’s menagerie of independent [...]