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A Book I’d Read: Peter Hook’s The Hacienda

in which the author discusses a book he'd read, if time permitted.
Title: The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Clubk
Author: Peter Hook, former bassist of Joy Division and New Order
The Vibe: English
What It Is: Hook's memoir of the Hacienda, a Manchester nightclub and financial disaster co-founded by New Order and Factory Records
Quotable: "We once worked [...]

One Track Mind: Pleasure Curses, “PNKLKR”

Standout Track: No. 1, “PNKLKR” (“pink licker”), a cool synth-pop single built on a hand-clappy drum sample by Jugzy Jord, a.k.a. Jordan Gelling. The rest comes from Pleasure Curses’ main producers, Jahn Alexander Teetsov, 23, and Evan Maxwell Grice, 22, who throw in a sci-fi bassline and a bath of calming synth sounds. Amid it [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Swamp Dogg, Volta Bureau, ’50s Sci-Fi

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival kicks off today, and Jerrry Williams, aka Swamp Dogg, is the guy to see. The man behind seminal 1970 soul/country/R&B/rock album Total Destruction To Your Mind (and 1971's Rat On!, infamous for its hilariously bad cover art, above), has kept it real for quite some time now; as Steve Kiviat writes [...]

Everyone Needs A Little Unrest

In late February, Chunklet revisted D.C. indie pop's best band Unrest. It had been a while since I had spun Imperial ffrr or its underrated Perfect Teeth. I saw the Arlington band as often as I could, played the hell out of Imperial and wore out my copy of the band's cover of the Marine [...]