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What I’m Listening To: Sockets Spring Mix

Old song, whole new Hume: If you've followed the Day-Glo prog pop of Britton Powell & Co., then you'll recognize "Grip," the first song on Sockets Records' spring mix. In the two years since Hume last committed the song to tape, the band has massaged it from propulsive Afropop into something gentler, just as lush [...]

Local Label Roundup: New Music from Sockets, VHF, More

Sean Peoples posted a huge update to the Sockets Records blog last night. Here's what the label has coming up:

A new HUME EP this summer, with a tour to follow.
A Laughing Man EP.
An Aaron Thompson LP, with lotsa guests.
An EP from N'Digo Rose, who plays keys in the Cornel West Theory.
A Cornel West Theory mixtape.
A Sean [...]

Reviewed: Extra Life’s Made Flesh

Extra Life's sophomore album, Made Flesh (LOAF), kicks off with a palpable burst of noise. It's as if the band is declaring, "Even if you weren't paying attention before, we'll make you listen now."
It's easy to see why many have overlooked the experimental quintet, which will release a remix EP on D.C.'s Sockets Records in [...]

Sockets Spring Mixtape

Sockets, the local record label that has released works by Hume, Little Women, and Extra Life (and, in the interest of full disclosure, myself, albeit a while back), recently posted a Spring mixtape on its freshly redesigned website.
All sorts of good stuff here, most of surprisingly melodious, from Nick Rivetti (aka Ricky Rabbit of [...]

Music 2008: Alienate Your Friends

Where 2007 was my love-affair year with free jazz, 2008 saw my affections turn to extreme metal in all its varied forms. The sad departure of Transparent Productions meant a dearth of interesting avant-garde jazz in the District, and I replaced concertgoing expeditions to Sangha (RIP) and Twins Jazz with rather different expeditions to places [...]

Comet Ping-Pong Is Where It’s At

On Sunday, Comet Ping-Pong (otherwise known as Ground Zero of everyone's favorite northwest D.C. culture wars) plays host to a pair of bands that have recently been profiled here and in the print edition: Extra Life, whom I wrote about a couple months ago, and Tussle, whose latest record is reviewed in this weeks' print [...]