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Arts Roundup: ‘Stranded in Dusseldorf’ Edition

Morning, readers.
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*Above, please witness a throwback music video courtesy of Exit Clov, whose new record, Memento Mori, has been making waves. (This one's a favorite of mine back from '07-'08. It's all about mind control! And the Picardy third.) To download the group's Morrissey [...]

Free Download: Exit Clov Covers Morrissey for Record Store Day

Undoubtedly, the D.C. independent record store has made something of a resurgence in recent years—even if conventional logic tells us that those brick-and-mortar shops are ultimately doomed. (Although there's some recent evidence that they may not be.)
So it's a bummer that for Record Store Day on April 17, some of D.C.'s indie labels have no [...]

Arts Roundup: Tweet-Sourcing the Grammy Awards Edition

Good morning! Last night: the Grammy Awards! I probably should've watched the show, seeing as last year's was the most enjoyable Grammy ceremony since, well, ever. Instead, I'll be Tweet-sourcing today's roundup, courtesy of @citypapermusic. A few highlights:

Lady Gaga AND Elton John? Be still, my beating heart. #grammys
And the winner of Song of the Year goes [...]

Deleted Scenes Produce Rare DC Blog Consensus

While Washington City Paper can probably agree with DCist that Joe is the dreamiest Jonas, Brightest Young Things have the biggest crush on Kevin. Likewise, the local AV Club and Express could be all up on Fleet Foxes, but DCist is decidedly uninterested.  (These are all hypothetical situations btw; I do not pretend to understand [...]