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Arts Roundup: ‘I Am Sick of Arts Roundup’s Fat Fucking Face’ Edition

Next month's Done&Done Festival has a lineup, the organizers announced. The two-weekend event, which will "celebrate the continuing ascent of NY and DC’s underground music scenes," includes six D.C. bands (Exactly, Last Tide, Laughing Man, Loose Lips, Ra Ra Rasputin, and Rosy Likes Red) and six from New York, including one D.C. ex-pat, Byrds of [...]

Ear Pwr @ Comet Ping Pong

Sometimes, after you've logged some 15 hours on, say, Super Mario Bros. III, you start making up your own lyrics to a video game's annoying, yet surprisingly hooky, built-in soundtrack. Sometimes these are about events that take place withing the game: "Watch out/here come the spikes/they're going to get you/no, they're not." Other times, you [...]

Wilco DVD Release @ Comet Ping Pong

Music fans and demolition aficionados alike are already well aware of filmmaker Brendan Canty (of Fugazi fame) and Christoph Green's Burn to Shine DVD series–which generally involves the duo traveling to a city, getting a bunch of bands to perform in a house, then videotaping that house as it's getting knocked down by city authorities.
However, [...]

Photos: Marnie Stern at DC9

For God's sake, can anyone write an article about Marnie Stern without mentioning that, ooooh, she's a woman who shreds on guitar? It might be uncommon, but come on, it's not like she's a freakin' alien or something.
Of course, while Stern herself has expressed some exasperation that her mere gender grabs all the headlines, [...]