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This Week in WCP Arts: “Da Butt,” Song Byeok, Basil Twist

Put your memory in motion! Sarah Godfrey has this week's cover story with an oral history of EU's "Da Butt," which became go-go's biggest national hit after appearing in Spike Lee's School Daze. Leading the arts section, Kriston Capps connects the dissident kitsch of North Korean artist Song Byeok to the work he did when he [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: Go-Go Appreciation Concerts in Anacostia

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.
Guess what Washington, D.C.? Hey, I know some of the folks in power trying to eradicate indigenous black cultural expression may not like it, but for the vast and overwhelming majority of us who are actually in love with this chocolate city, [...]

Go Go Bites #3: $55 Motel

Another beat biter cold case.