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Label Condition: A Selective Overview of D.C. DIY Labels

D.C. doesn’t make too many waves in mainstream music, but who cares? We’re not lacking for great local music—nor the DIY record labels that support it.
Any rockist outside of town probably associates D.C. with the fabled Dischord label, and hip-hop heads undoubtedly know about Wale’s The Board Administration imprint and Raheem DeVaughn’s 368 Music Group. [...]

Arts Roundup: Off-Grid and Unplugged Memorial Day Edition

Good morning and happy long weekend! I will be moving, or at least packing up in preparation for a move. As for you, you could:
... start a record label!
... swing!
... get unplugged!
... go off-grid!
... bike!
... hurl stones at pedestals!
... re-up!
... make new Friends!
... make like a badass!
... parlay minor television roles into art-world semi-success!
... flashback to [...]

Q&A: Girl Loves Distortion

To hear its members tell it, Girl Loves Distortion is a group obsessed with substance and sound. "I can't sing songs that are about nothing," Jenn Thomas, who sings and plays drums and keyboard, told me yesterday, a few minutes after my voice recorder had run out of memory. She had much to say about [...]