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DC Jazz Festival: Postmortem

Looking back at my wrap-up of last year's festival, a number of the extraordinary circumstances that applied then still apply today. The economy tightened the budget last year, and did so even more this year. Last year, as this year, the fest sacrificed signature concerts (in 2010's case, at the National Mall). And last year [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Opening Day

The 2010 DC Jazz Festival begins today—though it's probably appropriate to call it a "soft opening." The first week of the festival is by and large nothing out of the ordinary for D.C. jazz; it's the usual lineup of local musicians on their weekly club gigs, but under the aegis of the festival's "Jazz in [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 27 – June 2: Lenny Robinson, G. Calvin Weston, and DC Jazz Festival

Thursday, May 27
Baltimore native Lenny Robinson has been in D.C. for nearly 25 years,  and he's one of the city's most reliable and popular drummers. A veteran of the U.S. Army Band, Robinson's pedigree includes a number of jazz styles: He was a member of hard bop icon Stanley Turrentine's last band, logged time with [...]