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Song Premiere: On “Invisible,” Gods’Illa Rejects Whack Rap

In rap music, there's a civil war between two distinct factions, pitting those who prefer traditional aspects of the genre against those who identify with the mainstream wave of glossy swag.
And if it's unclear on which side rapper Truth Hall stands, the opening rhymes of Gods'Illa's new song, "Invisible," erase all confusion: "Here's a fact, man [...]

Tonight at U Street Music Hall, Thundercat May Sacrifice a Six-Year-Old

Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner can tweet some wild things when he's under the influence. Like this tweet from two weeks ago—a vague transmission about throwing salt in his own eyes and drinking a Bullet energy drink. "Wait, what did I say?" Thundercat asks me. Then: "Yeah, that happened. I didn't even know I tweeted that."
There's also the new [...]

Marcus J. Moore’s Five Favorite DMV Albums of 2011

A lot of releases caught my ear this year, including projects from Kokayi, lowercase letters, DTMD, Jon Laine, and others. At the same time, the always-endless stream of mixtapes made it damn near impossible to catch everything.
For the second year in a row, I voted in WKYS's list of the hottest local rappers. (So far, Nos. 3-10 have [...]

Why Gods’Illa’s Blend Tape is Important for DMV Hip-Hop

It's lunch time at Suitland High School and someone's pounding a makeshift beat on the wooden cafeteria tables. Truth Hall and I have just finished our semi-regular routine: debating about some off-brand hip-hop album, then finding a place to rap within the vast Prince George's County school.
I'm on my usual bullshit—rhyming about nothing in particular [...]

Young, Scripted, and Black: Regi Allen’s Quest to Make FunkTV the First Urban Alternative Network

In 2009, Regi Allen pitched a program to Black Entertainment Television. They stopped him at the show’s name: Fried Chicken Cinema.
To hear Allen tell it, the BET executives weren’t interested in a show geared toward black audiences that was named with a persistent African-American stereotype in mind—never mind that the network itself frequently faces criticism for [...]

Outtakes: Maimouna Youssef Discusses “Black Magic,” Recording With The Roots

Maimouna Youssef has an artistic vision seasoned well beyond her 26 years—due mainly to her upbringing in a musical household and the time she's spent collaborating with artists like The Roots and Dead Prez.
I interviewed Youssef for last week's One Track Mind column, but I couldn't fit nearly everything in. Here's the rest of our interview—in [...]

Gods’Illa Does the Right Thing

Forestville, Md., trio Gods'Illa is good for clever one-liners and gritty hip-hop with a message. So it's no surprise that its triumphant new single, "Sal's Pizzeria," is a battle-ready zinger of memorable phrases and assertive lyricism.
"On the scene like Radio Raheem wit ya box/We outside of it, all these rappers is robots," Acem raps over Joe [...]

Reviewed: Victory Lap by RAtheMC

In August, Largo native RAtheMC released her energetic Heart Of A Champion album to significant local fanfare.
Not long before dropping the project, the fashionable lyricist inked a deal with the D.C.-based Studio43 imprint, whose roster boasts names like X.O., Gordo Brega, and AB the Producer. (Once upon a time, Wale was a Studio43 MC before signing [...]

Delayed Reaction: That Erykah Badu Video Is Like That Bronx Video

Erykah Badu, "Window Seat," 2010:

One of my fave vids of the last decade, The Bronx, "They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)," 2003:

NOTE: That is not the lead singer of The Bronx.

Reviewed: Teflon Don by Rick Ross

A former correctional-facility officer who bathes in gangster imagery and rhymes "bitch" with "shit" on his hooks has nearly written the summer's finest album. Too bad Rick Ross is kind of a sleazebag. There's requisite rap hot-dogging and then there's "She had a miscarriage/I couldn't cry though/You and I know she was only my side [...]