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Erik Friedlander’s Broken Arm Trio @ An Die Musik

This happened 10 days ago, but it's worth a look back: cellist Erik Friedlander brought his "Broken Arm Trio" to An Die Musik in Baltimore. This trio—Friedlander on his fancy carbon-fiber cello, Trevor Dunn on upright bass, and Michael Sarin on drums—was, as Friedlander explained during the set, conceived as a sort of tribute to [...]

Excursion to the Left Coast: John Zorn @ Yoshi’s San Francisco

I recently flew across the country to watch a New York musician play a series of concerts in San Francisco. If that doesn't seem to make much sense, consider that downtown legend John Zorn, a recent recipient of the half-a-million-bucks Macarthur "Genius" grant, almost never plays live except in New York City and Europe. [...]