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Openings: “Exclamation Point” at The Fridge, Erica Rebollar’s “Space Junk”

It's definitely the holiday season in D.C., and if you can't tell just by walking outside, the arts will remind you: 'Tis the season for Christmas-themed ballets, plays, and exploding pine trees. But anyone who wants to skirt holiday cheer needn't stay at home.
Saturday, the Fridge's owner and director Alex Goldstein unveils his first solo show, "Exclamation [...]

How to Devise a Theater Work in the Middle of Yards Park

Making theater in unconventional locations poses unconventional challenges. Like algae growing in your performance space, for example, or unseasonably cold rainstorms and the ambient noise of waterfalls and frolicking toddlers. For force/collision, the new interdisciplinary ensemble behind The Nautical Yards, devising a site-specific dance and theater piece inspired by the Washington Navy Yard has meant [...]

Memorable Dance Performances of 2011

A psychology-major roommate told me once that a hallmark of the human brain is its proclivity for categorization. Well, count me in. In ruminating about this year’s memorable dance performances, I found myself subconsciously dividing them into three groups.
These are the shows that vibrated with energy and left audience members practically sweating with a visceral [...]