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This Week in Repertory Film: Majesteit, Enter the Void, The Marquise of O, Rashomon

Thursday: Majesteit at West End Cinema
If this high-strung political drama looks familiar, well, it's because it's not the first recent film about an aging, but steely-resolved European monarch who finds herself trapped between the traditions of royalty, contemporary politics, and family turmoil. Though an English-subtitled trailer was unavailable, Majesteit—a story about Queen Beatrix of the [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Blue Velvet, My Dog Tulip, Rohmer, Springsteen

Wednesday: Blue Velvet at the Artisphere
Artisphere wraps up its series of David Lynch films with the second-most-talked-about severed ear in history. Between Isabella Rosselini's gutsy performance as Dorothy, the pain-loving pleasure-seeker, and Dennis Hopper's turn as the disgusting Frank Booth, Blue Velvet cemented Lynch as a master of the disturbed and ripped the wholesome sheen [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Éric Rohmer, Elizabeth Taylor

It took Éric Rohmer eight years to produce his second feature. Much of that Terence Malick-like break between films can be attributed to the fact that his debut, The Sign of Leo, went largely unseen. Not even the attachment of Claude Chabrol name as producer could give it a good push in France. Rohmer was [...]