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Jazz Setlist, January 17-23: Rock That Jazz

The merger of rock and jazz has never been as clear-cut as all that, kids. How could it be, when trying to make two such rich, diverse traditions work together? This week demonstrates how complicated the marriage can be, with three different approaches to the same basic idea.
Friday, Jan. 18
The recent history of pianist Eric [...]

HR-57’s Soft Opening Is Tomorrow Night

Update 8:06 AM: While HR-57's Twitter still says this weekend is a "soft opening," this morning the club's website lists the details of Parker's set (9:00 PM to 1:00 AM tonight and tomorrow, $12 admission), but declares it a grand opening. New location, same muddled communication.
Update 7:05 PM:CapitalBop (which was burned on the same subject [...]

Jazz Setlist: Oct. 22-28, 2009

Oct. 23
With his gravity-defying hair and temperamental attack on the piano, comparisons between Eric Lewis and Beethoven are probably inevitable. They're also apt: Lewis is a brilliant talent who loves to throw conventions to the wolves. His solo sets tend to include jazz standards, pop songs, rock anthems, even TV and movie themes—whatever gets his [...]