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Jazz Setlist, July 24-30: U Street’s Hopping

Thursday, July 24
If you haven't heard Lyle Link on saxophone before, brace yourself. The image that his sound calls to mind is that of a scimitar: strong, elegant, full of opulent curves—and ready to run through your gut in a second. It's simply a sound like no other, and Link carries it with him across [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 19-25: Oh, Christmas Tree-o

Thursday, December 19
Jazz drummer starts band to play Christmas songs. You'd think that was all the summary you needed for Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O, perhaps adding a mention of Wilson's clowning on the bandstand. But, no. Wilson does skew silly in his persona, and the Christmas Tree-O does have a certain affection for the kitsch [...]

Jazz Setlist, October 25-31: The Residents

Friday, Oct. 26
When the late Dr. Billy Taylor was the Kennedy Center's Artistic Adviser for Jazz, you'd see him cross the institution's stages occasionally—primarily as a guest in other artists' sets, and increasingly less as he got older. The new artistic adviser, Jason Moran, is considerably younger and more energetic (his fresh perspective helped him land [...]

This Week at Twins Jazz: The Settleses

In case you've forgotten, there are two ongoing weekly concert series at U Street's Twins Jazz this month: the Sunday Jazz Lounge on (duh) Sunday nights and the Washington Women in Jazz Festival on Wednesday Nights. Both have particularly fine installments this week, featuring, incidentally, the two sides of a married musical couple.
Sunday Jazz Lounge
If [...]

Sunday Jazz Lounge: New Weekly Concert at Twins

Update 1:14 PM:
Rodney Richardson clarifies the schedule a bit: "The Sunday Jazz Lounge will start in March. We will play every Sunday in March and hopefully continue from there." He and Herrera are still finalizing the soloist acts for those opening four weeks, and expect to have it completed by the end of the week.
Original [...]