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Don’t Be Bored: Prosecco Flashes

Maybe you didn’t Fringe hard enough in August. Maybe you didn’t Fringe at all. Maybe you’re straight-up new to Fringe. But whatever your relationship with the Capital Fringe Festival, you can, beginning today, indulge in a brief reprisal of 11 popular shows from the fest’s June slate. It’s not quite the summertime’s menagerie of independent [...]

Photos: Archers of Loaf @ Black Cat

Ed. note: It's Archers of Loaf Day, apparently! There are worse things.
It's a no-brainer to say an upstairs bartender at the Black Cat sees a lot of shows, both good and bad. So when not one but two of them remarks how incredible a show was...well, it's a safe bet the show was pretty incredible. What [...]

Photos: Crooked Fingers @ Iota

Eric Bachmann always finds the right people to play with him in Crooked Fingers—take 2005's "Sleep All Summer," in which he traded words about two sides of a love that died with Emma Pollack of the Delgados Lara Meyerratken. Last night at Iota, Bachmann was aided by Liz Durrett's breathy vocals and assistance on drums and guitar. [...]