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Memory Machine: Was Dismemberment Plan the Internet’s First Buzz Band?

Brian Schanck was 15 years old when a friend played him Emergency & I, the third album by The Dismemberment Plan. “The music was euphonious and the lyrics hit home,” he says, recalling the D.C. indie rock band’s oddball pairing of funk rhythms and emo narrative. He dug it.
When Schanck turned 18, he tattooed the [...]

Still Poor, Still Sexy: New Single from PBS

Local funk-inflected ass-movers Poor But Sexy are still putting out. The unusually soulful assemblage of white boys keeps writing lascivious lyrics, and this new offering is no exception. The less-than-subtle innuendo on "Cherry Delicious" is backed up by what sounds like Prince's Revolution as fronted by Daryl Hall. On the chorus, David Brown's lead vocals are [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 5

Your favorite weekly assemblage of D.C. cultural noise cannot be diminished. Put down all those fall previews and dwell in the now, baby, because if you sleep on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you're snoozin' on life. On the left, as usual, are the mind-bogglers and the head-scratchers—as well as the sweet epiphanies and fond [...]

Self-Conscious Finger-Pointing and Stone-Faced Wallflowers: A Cap’n Jazz Dialogue

Once upon a time, Cap'n Jazz took the tropes of emotive hardcore music and gave it some pop focus—well, as long as "pop focus" still makes room for strained, tangled vocals and lyrics about kitty cats. The band centered around brothers Tim and Mike Kinsella and existed for only a few years in the early [...]