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ToDo ToDay: Environmental Film Fest, Porkstrami, and Wooden Wand

Rivers aren’t the hottest environmental topic out there, but they’re unavoidable for most urban dwellers. So give it up for the Environmental Film Festival’s decision to program a strong, uh, flow of river-oriented films this year. Beside the old reliables (Amazon, Mississippi), some other big shots (Rhine, Mekong, Ganges) will have their moments, too. And, [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Garden in the Sea

Considering his film is titled Garden in the Sea, director Thomas Riedelsheimer spends an awful lot of time above water. The documentary is ostensibly about a sculpture lowered in the Sea of Cortez’s Candelor Bay, one that would pay homage to the natural beauty of the area without significantly altering it. But instead of shots [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Silent Snow: The Invisible Poisoning of the World

In the documentary Silent Snow: The Invisible Poisoning of the World, a young woman from Greenland (Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann, who also co-directed with Jan van den Berg) travels abroad to research the use of the pesticides that are devastating her home and the rest of the world. According to Knudsen-Ostermann, Greenland is an innocent victim, the helpless [...]

ToDo Today: Environmental Film Festival Highlights

The Environmental Film Festival isn’t exclusively about hugging trees and saving sea turtles. For its 20th anniversary, the fest has broadened its umbrella quite a bit, adding films about health and social issues to its usual repertoire. Two of today’s offerings are most unusual for the festival, particularly 5X Favela: Now By Ourselves, a collection of [...]

ToDo ToDay: What Will Todd Glass Talk About at the Improv?

Most people who knew about Todd Glass before he appeared on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast in January are comedy nerds, pure and simple. Glass’ cerebral style of observational, pot-friendly humor made him a comic’s comic, beloved by indie queen Sarah Silverman and casino headliner David Spade alike. He happily fills any space with bombastic rants [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Ghost Town

The follow-up punch to tonight's screening of Disorder, Zhao Dayong's Ghost Town is a three-part deconstruction of how the past is quite literally being left to fend for itself.  Split up into three distinct stories—"Voices," "Recollections," and "Innocence"—Dayong film takes us deep into the remnants of a village nearly hidden among the mountains. Streets are [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

Famed documentarian Werner Herzog has built a prolific career via his wild-eyed curiosity, bringing an infectious enthusiasm to otherwise didactic and peculiar topics. Happy People is technically not his film—this 90-minute version is condensed from Russian director Dmitry Vasyukov's four-hour, made-for-TV documentary—but the indelible narration ensures this intriguing look at professional Syberian fur-trappers is unmistakeably a Herzog Project.
The happiness of the title refers [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Disorder, Reviewed

The premise behind director Huang Weikai's documentary Disorder makes it sound insufferably fussy. Amassing over 1,000 hours of footage from amateur filmmakers throughout China, Weikai whittled down the mountain of grainy black and white footage guided by the rule that, according to The Atlantic's Hua Hsu, no successive scenes could come from the same source tape.  [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Into Eternity, Reviewed

It goes without saying that the last week inspired more fear and confusion about nuclear power than all the giant apocalyptic monsters and nuked fridges in the world could  ever muster. But the most terrifying part? Nuclear power is going to outlive the human race.
Michael Madsen—no relation to the occasional actor and poet—tackles this in [...]

Environmental Film Festival: Windfall, Reviewed

As Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley faces serious questions regarding his own wind-related plans, Laura Israel's Windfall presents a troubling glimpse into one community's calamitous transition to wind power. In the sleepy town of Meredith, N.Y, where times are tough and bucolic views are placed at a premium, Israel documents the contentious invasion of 400-foot-tall wind turbines, shown here to be noisy, hulking menaces prone to ice flinging [...]