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This Week in WCP Arts: Pub Quiz, Title Tracks, and What the Federal Budget Means for D.C. Arts

On the cover this week, I take a dark, torturous journey into the heart of the pub-quiz industry and emerged somewhat scathed. Benjamin R. Freed leads the arts section with a smart dissection of what recent cuts to a federal grant program mean for D.C. arts organizations—especially smaller ones. Ben Westhoff reviews the new, more [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Nobis, H Street: The Sitcom, Pentagram

Arin Greenwood leads the arts section this week with a profile of The Nobis, a Japanese electro-pop band that's restarting its career in D.C. post-tsunami. Mike Madden, Michael E. Grass, and I plot out the first season of H Street, an ill-advised sitcom that's allegedly in development. David Dunlap reviews the new record by Pentagram, a [...]

Solas Nua Premieres Play in New York

Founded in 2004, Solas Nua is a D.C.-based arts organization dedicated to the production and proliferation of contemporary Irish art. Though it is still a young organization, Solas Nua has already received rave reviews for past productions of Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs, organized the yearly Capital Irish Film Festival, and [...]