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Does D.C. Need Another Punk-Rock Documentary? Maybe.

No genre of music gets the documentary treatment more than punk rock. The seminal film Instrument followed Fugazi around for five years. This year's Bad Brains: A Band in D.C., which screened at the SilverDocs festival, did the same for HR and the rest of the guys. American Hardcore was more like a survey of punk, visiting different scenes [...]

The Sleigher: TeraBrite, “Epic Christmas”

HO HO WHO: Two kids from Florida who might be the manifest destiny of the Disney-fication of America. D.J. Monopoli is the guy. Sabrina Abu-Obeid is the girl. Together they are TeraBrite. They desperately want to entertain you. If emo isn't already dead, they're going to smother it in hugs. That's right, emo's last breath [...]

The Long, Winding Road to the “Lost” Elliott Smith WMUC Session

The indie corner of the Internet went nuts Monday after WaPo's David Malitz published a piece about the recent rediscovery of a rare Elliott Smith recording. The story went that a former WMUC DJ Ben Weisholtz found a copy of a 1996 live radio session—"Misery Let Me Down"—in an old MiniDisc player he sold on [...]

The Best New Old Emo of 2010

Volcanoes are emo. So is Gilbert Arenas. Obama is emo, but that's OK, because Andrew Jackson was an emo president, too. Even critically acclaimed NBC comedy Community is emo*.
Emo, as a term, becomes more convoluted with every passing year, now barely containing anything of the dynamic, cathartic post-hardcore sound that erupted out of D.C. in [...]

D.C. Grups Read Pitchfork

Someone sent us a list from the Tumblr of Gentleman's Quarterly yesterday. The list is called: "Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Political Hacks’ Best Music of 2010 Lists." The lists are authored almost exclusively by white people who probably own expensive headphones. It is mostly "Arcade Fire" written over and over again.
The list was assembled by [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 16

Gentle readers, today Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here to warn you not to reflect too much upon 2010. Nostalgia generally is for suckers. You'll thank us for saying it now, rather than three weeks from now. And while you're striving to avoid suckerishness, we've got the usual dose of cool-ish shit and hot-ish [...]

The New Old Emo: Meet D.C.’s Monument

It takes about 62 seconds for Monument’s debut to announce itself as an emo record: at the moment when, after an intro of pastoral guitar plucking and feedback that seems to unravel even as it builds to a hissy climax, the song erupts with a messy, angular burst of noise. Then bassist Dan Doggett screams, [...]

Tomorrow: Algernon Cadwallader, Standard-Bearers of the New New Emo

When second-wave emo legends Cap'n Jazz reunited earlier this year, music critics and fans rejoiced. It all seemed a little unexpected: After years of Warped-Tour banishment, emo was being celebrated again.
Chances are, a lot of those folks haven't noticed that a new emo scene that's more interested in '90s aggression and idiosyncracy than 2000s sheen [...]

Self-Conscious Finger-Pointing and Stone-Faced Wallflowers: A Cap’n Jazz Dialogue

Once upon a time, Cap'n Jazz took the tropes of emotive hardcore music and gave it some pop focus—well, as long as "pop focus" still makes room for strained, tangled vocals and lyrics about kitty cats. The band centered around brothers Tim and Mike Kinsella and existed for only a few years in the early [...]

You Think You’re John Fucking Lennon… the name of the new Glassjaw song (first one in six years). Stream it from the homepage, but beware the noisy, drum-laden wait (totally worth it).

It's heavy as a motherfucker, the screaming made me cry, and there's not a smidgeon of electronica.