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Arts Roundup: D.C.’s Deep Insecurities Edition

Former City Paper staffer Mark Athitakis takes issue with the Washington Post's recent list of Washington books, saying it finds Jonathan Yardley overexerting himself to justify D.C.'s existence as a city, not just a literary hub [The New Republic]
Another chapter in the history of Adams Morgan's Knickerbocker Theatre, which collapsed after a snowstorm in 1922 [...]

All Month: Fresh Produce Festival of Live Art at the Fridge

Give the Fridge credit for eclecticism: The Fresh Produce Festival of Live Art kicks off tonight at the Barracks Row art space and venue, with a month's worth of discipline-hopping programming to follow. Tonight's event features frequent City Paper subjects Bluebrain alongside magician Francis Menotti, actress and performance artist Emma Jaster, Contradiction Dance, and cabaret [...]