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(e)merge, Sonic Circuits, or Bentzen Ball: Which is for You?

Do you want to wear your new luxe crop top or your Acid Mothers Temple T-shirt?

ToDo ToDay: Jill Townsley! Columbia Heights Day!

Plenty of artists would cringe if the word “workmanlike” were used to describe their output, but Jill Townsley embraces it. In an exhibit appropriately titled “TOIL,” Townsley creates her art by painstakingly repeating humble processes like scribbling. That’s not a new idea—artists from Cy Twombly to Linn Meyers have tried it. But Townsley takes to [...]

ToDo ToDay: (e)merge Art Fair at Capitol Skyline

Consider that art fairs are little more than overstimulating trade conventions, and you see why many in the nonwealthy art-o-sphere dread them. But Washington’s (e)merge Art Fair, now in its second year, offers something different: art, strictly for sale but reasonably easy to absorb in its entirety. It’s not too different from the satellite fairs [...]

Arts Roundup: Bunnies Edition

Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool is dealgaed. [Post]
Smart talk from Travis Morrison about the changing relationships and expectations between indie rockers and fans [Brightest Young Things]
(e)merge Art Fair: There will be bunnies. [@lisamarkuson]
What to see at (e)merge, in addition to the bunnies [Brightest Young Things]
Animal Collective goes on a misty Merriweather hop. [Arts Post]

Arts Roundup: A Sharper Shark Week Edition

Can Discovery's Shark Week appeal to conservationists? [Post]
Remember that time a glossy art fair came to D.C. and spawned all those counterexhibitions? This year, the New York-based FIGMENT Festival will land in D.C., and it too has a bone to pick with (e)merge art fair—based, more or less, on the principals of Burning Man. [Pink [...]

(e)merge Art Fair Renewed for 2012

Not every artist that applied to exhibit at the (e)merge art fair made the cut, but they did get a consolation prize: Organizers gave each of them a free day pass to the inaugural event. A number of artists told me about the passes, and how much they appreciated the simple gesture.
Art dealers wanted to hear something [...]

All’s Fair in Art Fairs

Last night's (e)merge opening wasn't the only art-fair kickoff party happening in D.C. That fair has spawned a couple of satellites, both of which enjoyed Thursday night opening events and will continue throughout the weekend. But not without some contention: Now, as it happens, the satellites are launching satellites.
The No Kings Collective has launched Submerge, [...]

Time It Took for (e)merge to Get Decadent: Three Hours

Nobody wanted to look Avery Lawrence in the eye last night—not one of the dozen or so people crammed into the hotel room exhibiting his work, at the opening party for the (e)merge art fair at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.
They were looking at him, of course, but in video form, projected onto a wall, dragging [...]

Arts Roundup: The Vinyl-Pressing Cure Edition

RIP: Frank P. Gettings, who for more than three decades was a curator at the Hirshhorn Museum, died in August, the Post reports. He was 80. Shows he curated include "Different Drummers" in 1988, a Susan Coe exhibition in 1994, and even a show of e.e. ccummings' artistic works.
(e)merge Emerges: D.C. Docent was Tumbling up [...]

The Fridge Plans a Shuttle Between (e)merge Art Fair and DIY Events

The timing of this weekend's (e)merge art fair is just right for The Fridge's Alex Goldstein. He says his current Ben Tolman show is among the best exhibits he's run since opening the Fridge in 2009. So he's pleased that, at least for this weekend, D.C. will feel like a major destination for contemporary art.
Unfortunately, Goldstein says, [...]