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Arts Roundup: Peak Bloom Edition

How Mingering Mike wound up in the Smithsonian [Post]
Local historian pens a history of Loudoun County African Americans who served in the Civil War. [Post]
Officials getting ready to predict the cherry blossoms' peak bloom time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. [AP via WJLA]
The third annual (e)merge Art Fair now accepting applications. [Art 202]
Drunk History films [...]

Emerging at (e)merge: Conor Backman

The (e)merge Art Fair is open and drawing some first responses. The Washington Post's Michael O'Sullivan calls the (e)merge Art Fair a "hot dog-eating contest": "After a while, you stop savoring each individual hot dog. You’re just trying to get as many in your mouth as you can without losing your lunch."
You can, in fact, [...]

Kathleen Ewing Launches Photo Fair for (e)merge Weekend

Longtime D.C. photography dealer Kathleen Ewing is launching a photography fair that will coincide with the (e)merge Art Fair in early October.
The D.C. Fine Art Photography Fair will feature 15 galleries, with a focus on photographs from across the spectrum—from the 19th century to the contemporary. The fair, which takes place Oct. 5–7, will enjoy [...]

(e)merge Art Fair 2012: Fewer Europeans, More Performance Art

Everyone knows that it takes three years to launch an art fair. It's one of those universally acknowledged rules of thumb in the art world. In fact, back in 2007, when Ilana Vardy launched artDC—the first big art fair in Washington for at least two decades—she lined up a three-year commitment with the Washington Convention [...]

Arts Roundup: RIP Tom Green Edition

Tom Green, the longtime artist and Corcoran teacher diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, has died. [Post]
(e)merge Art Fair announces exhibitors, cultural partners, and sponsors for the 2012 festival at the Capitol Skyline Hotel [Art 202]
The Man Who Just Wants to Make D.C. Commuters Happy has printable signs for your depressing cubicle of misery. [Post]
And the [...]

Vitamin A: Avery Lawrence’s “Arranging Suitcases”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery.
“Arranging Suitcases” is the latest video from Avery Lawrence, who won some acclaim during the (e)merge art fair for “Moving a Tree,” an absurd video about a man in a suit who fells a tree [...]