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ToDo ToDay: Video Game Art and Tons of Live Music

Any parent knows the value of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit: It’s state-subsidized baby-sitting. There’s at least an hour’s worth of bliss waiting for the ADHD set, from playable games—a list limited to five rather fusty titles, including “Myst” and “Pac-Man”—to presentations on five eras of graphics. For art viewers, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: You Made Me Boring

Late but essential! Good stuff going on tonight.
In 2011, you can find a lot of terrible music at the intersection of indie rock, detached hip-hop patois, and gleeful art-noise. EMA, aka Erika M. Anderson of the defunct noise-folk band Gowns, inhabits a similar headspace, but few recent albums sound as vital as her Past Life Martyred [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Mope Mope Mope Mope

The Scottish songwriter King Creosote, née Kenny Anderson, sings in a stirring, penetrative brogue, but for some reason he’s most at home when other voices crowd the sonic landscape. His most beautiful song, “So Forlorn,” from the 2003 album Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides, has a prominent sample of a yodel-like moan, a disorienting [...]