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Head to Head: Ron Charles vs. Ron Moten

A series in which two local figures share their thoughts on developments in D.C.-area culture. For this edition, we talk to Washington Post Deputy Book World Editor Ron Charles and Peaceoholics founder and former Ward 7 D.C. Council candidate Ron Moten.
Washington City Paper: Would you wear this “Don’t Be a Bama” T-shirt?
Ron Charles: I would [...]

How to View Ellsworth Kelly at the Phillips Collection

Painter Ellsworth Kelly recently turned 90, and to celebrate, the Phillips Collection has mounted an exhibit of six paintings he made between 2004 and 2009. Taken at face value, the pieces don't seem especially challenging; monochromes never seem to ask for more than an appreciation of color, size, and sometimes shape. But, if viewers are [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ellsworth Kelly! Superhumanoids! A New Shake Shack!

Ellsworth Kelly always seemed like the easiest kind of artist to emulate. The American minimalist shaped his canvases in unique ways, painted them a single color, and hung them on a wall. The Phillips Collection is honoring the artist’s 90th year with an exhibition of his recent works. It’s a fitting tribute for a guy [...]