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Eli Reed’s Portraits of Unrelenting Misfortune

Reed’s work is the focus of a two-part retrospective at the Leica Store DC.

Weekend Music Roundup: We Are the World Edition

After spending a few weeks down south, I returned to D.C. reminded of how much this city constantly has to offer.  So after quite literally returning from the backwoods to write this weeks' roundup, I felt like I was setting up booths at some high school multi-culti "We Are the World-inspired festival. Granted, not my [...]

Eli “Paperboy” Reed vs. Mayer Hawthorne: Battle of the Little White Boys who Make Big Black Man Music

Two men, two backing bands with nostalgic-sounding names—in a neo-soul showdown, who reigns supreme?  The '60s-inspired Motown/Philly Soul/Stax sounds of Eli "Paperboy" Reed and Mayer Hawthorne aren't particularly innovative, but they do pack a bonafide wallop. Call them rock 'n' soulers or soul revialists—both are on a sanctifying mission to transcend the label of "imitator." [...]