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Arts Roundup: Jams Edition

Musician Alex Minoff was destined to play the role of an intense yet helpful bureaucrat, and this video for D.C. Design Week proves it [Twitter]
For your desk jamming today: Protect-U has a new mix [Noise In My Head]
D.C.'s most "swoonworthy" male DJs assemble Spotify playlists for the readers of Refinery 29; jury still out on whether Refinery's demographic [...]

Xanadu at Signature Theatre, Reviewed

It's been just a few months since director Matthew Gardiner had me grinding my teeth with rage; now he's got me giggling like a teenager. Something to be said for a guy who can follow up a grim campus-rape drama with a perfectly pitched roller-disco musical.
Then again, what's not to like about Xanadu? Douglas Carter [...]

Arts Roundup: ELO Should Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show Edition

Good morning! I consumed a lot of soup and chili and beer last night and am paying for it today!
So: that half-time show. Very boring; Townshend and Daltrey looked and sounded old; pretty lights; blah blah, yes we all agree. More importantly! With the Who, the Super Bowl now seems to have run out of [...]