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ToDo ToDay: Dean Wareham, El Gran Combo, and Range’s New Happy Hour

“She will never be all mine, she says my songs are sad,” sings Dean Wareham on the assaultive and motorik “I Can Only Give My All,” one of the best, most surprising numbers on the former Galaxie 500 and Luna singer’s new album. Whoever she is, she’d probably snooze through the first half of Dean Wareham, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Michael Mayer! Pi Day!

UPDATE: Due to medical issues, Michael Mayer's performance at U Street Music Hall has been canceled. Huxley, Beautiful Swimmers, and Brian Billion will perform instead.
Michael Mayer has been embedded in Cologne’s electronic-music scene for the better part of 20 years, helping shape one of Germany’s most  influential record labels, Kompakt. Yet he hasn’t given as [...]