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ToDo ToDay: Oliver Laric, Outputmessage, and Richard Pinhas

In his Versions video series, Austrian video artist Oliver Laric seeks the origins of the remix. He interrogates everything from Disney animation stills to comic book iconography, placing corresponding images side by side while a narrator, speaking in a tone inspired by text-to-voice software, speaks lines mined from Henry James, Gertrude Stein, and Jorge Luis [...]

ToDo ToDay: Thiefs at Strathmore and a Room Made of Wax

Strathmore has outdone itself by presenting THIEFS as part of its Friday Night Eclectic series. The collective trio makes a glorious jumble. In their hands, acoustic jazz, hip-hop, soul, ambient, and dance music all wander freely through shifting environments: acoustic and electric, improvisation and composition, instrumental and vocal. But just as a Duchamp collage still [...]

Leak Proof: Solange, Hot Chip, Yellow Fever, Eels

Solange: "Stillness Is The Move"
First GZA performs with Black Lips, then Jay-Z gets down at a Grizzly Bear show. Whether it was Sasha Frere-Jones or just a bedfellows-by-way-of-declining-sales-figures thing, something finally got hip-hop interested in indie rock. But let's not get all cynical about it, especially when it's getting results like Solange's take on "Stillness [...]

Leak Proof: Magnolia Electric Co., Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Jay Reatard, Eels

Magnolia Electric Co.: "Josephine"
You'd think that Jason Molina, lead songwriter of Magnolia Electric Co., would be pretty close to writing the perfect break-up song by now. After all, he's had roughly 14 records (between Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co., and solo, not including live albums) worth of them to work out his approach. But he's pretty [...]