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E.D. In the E.U.: Heilbronn, Germany and Aachen, Germany

Dispatches from E.D. Sedgwick's winter tour through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland.
Things to do in the final days of 2012 fall European tour:
Play a show booked by a Bosnian-German guy who DJs German Christmas songs at 2 a.m. at overpowering volumes. Eat his mother's incredible cooking while looking for a place to sleep in [...]

E.D. in the E.U.: Olomouc and Brno, Czech Republic

Dispatches from E.D. Sedgwick's winter tour through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland.
I fall on hard times, disrupting my plans to regularly update my Washington City Paper Arts Desk tour blog. "Where is your copy?" my editor screams. "The bottom is falling out of our business model, and our company's continuing profitability depends on you!"
But [...]

E.D. in the E.U.: Kolin, Czech Republic

I realize that our show tonight in Warsaw, Poland, is not in Warsaw, but in Wroclaw, Poland, and that the show is canceled. In lieu of playing Poland, our Czech booking agent books a last-minute show in Kolin, a small town with a charming square much like Hradec Kralove, and only about 50 km from [...]

E.D. in the E.U.: Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Dispatches from E.D. Sedgwick's winter tour through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland.
We leave our Soviet-style hostel and begin the second day of our search for laundry.
A hurried consultation with the promoter from Usti Nad Labem reveals that there is a laundromat in Hradec Kralove, the next difficult-to-pronounce town we will play, but that, like [...]

Arts Roundup: Disparaging Remarks Edition

Bad Brains' Into the Future is out today. Stream the whole thing at Spinner. [Spinner]
In a ceremony at the White House, Gala Hispanic Theatre's after-school program, Paso Nuevo, took home the 2012 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award. [PDF via Gala]
Maxmillion Dunbar's new track, "Woo," gets Pitchforked. [Pitchfork]
This Mother Jones blogger thinks Joe Warminsky's positive review [...]

Arts Roundup: We’re Not Beliebers Edition

So, Justin Bieber kinda sucked at Verizon Center last night. [Post]
The State Department commemorates 50 years of the Arts in Embassies program with a few big-name events, including a Nov. 30 awards ceremony with Jeff Koons, Cai Guo-Qiang, Kiki Smith, and other influential artists; and a Nov. 28 happening at THEARC with performance artist (not Bad Seeds frontman) Nick [...]

Photos: Sugar/Bob Mould and Edie Sedgwick @ 9:30 Club, Mission of Burma @ Black Cat

Most nights, there is usually good live music happening somewhere in D.C., but Saturday was extra special, especially for people with a taste for distortion and post-punk hooks. Bob Mould brought bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster to the 9:30 Club on Saturday to play all of Sugar's Copper Blue on its 20th anniversary, as [...]

Recommended Listening: Exotic Fever’s DASH Benefit Comp

Trophy Wife drummer and former Del Cielo member Katy Otto may live in Philly these days, but she's still got one foot in the District. Case in point: the latest compilation from Otto's Exotic Fever Records, which benefits The District Alliance for Safe Housing, a local non-profit that aids victims of domestic and sexual violence. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Go Skateboarding!

In these boom days in D.C., where “entertainment” seems ever more confined to restaurants and bars for well-to-do 30-somethings, what’s an impecunious teenage boy to do? Yeah, there’s the YMCA, summer camp, volunteering, or stuffing bags at Safeway, but those things don’t quite satisfy that nagging teenage desire to say, “Fuck the police.” That’s why [...]

Heat Wave: Edie Sedgwick Goes to SXSW—The End

We wake up in Knoxville, Tenn., and drive to Harrisonburg, Va. It is the last day of our SXSW tour.
We exit I-40 at Dolly Parton's Dollywood to eat at a much-praised pancake house. We find that the pancake house is closed. I eat French fries and a garden salad at a Wendy’s near the highway.
Not [...]