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Weekend Picks: Fall Fringe

While it may cause vision-blurring cognititive dissonance just to think about anything related to the Captial Fringe Festival while comfortably wearing long pants (or maybe I'm just projecting), Fall Fringe, the seven-year-old DIY theater bacchanal's cool-weather cousin, is upon us. The second of its three weekends kicks off tonight. The majority of the [...]

fallFRINGE (sic) Announces Its Lineup

We've barely recovered from the sixth Capital Fringe Festival back in July, but earlier this week the festival announced the lineup for its smaller, more typographically exciting autumn cousin, fallFRINGE.
The mini-festival, which runs from Nov. 1-20, will reprise nine entires from this year' Fringe proper, including iKill, the haunting Japanese dance piece that won the [...]

Fall Fringe: It’s Baaack!

And you thought Fringe was just a summertime thing. Nope! From November 4-21, you can catch some of your favorite Fringe shows, or see the shows you had on your list but just weren't able to get to, or check out what the hell this festival is about anyway without the fear of melting in [...]