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ToDo ToDay: “Mars Up Close,” Rom, and Sondheim

Sending humans to Mars poses an extraordinary set of challenges—the long distances, the need to carry massive amounts of materials into space, and the off-the-charts radiation levels—so in National Geographic's “Mars Up Close,” it’s no surprise that a more modest project known as Curiosity takes center stage. The one-ton, SUV-sized vehicle that parachuted safely onto [...]

ToDo ToDay: Crisis, Hessismore, and ShowPony

More than half a century after it premiered on television, the National Archives invites contemporary audiences to view Robert Drew’s 1963 documentary, Crisis, in conjunction with the March on Washington Film Festival. The film chronicles President Kennedy’s battle with Alabama Gov. George Wallace over the integration of the University of Alabama, and because equal access continues [...]

ToDo ToDay: 4,000 Miles! Cherry Blossoms!

An elderly grandmother and slacker grandson who suddenly move in together sounds like the plot of a terrible sitcom. But cross-generational relationships, when told with the right balance of humor and emotion, have a way of resonating with audiences. Amy Herzog’s 4,000 Miles, now playing at Studio Theatre, examines this connection between family members and brings [...]