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Shit Eddie Bryant Says: A D.C. Stand-Up’s Comedy of Gentrification

Standing across from the National Portrait Gallery in Penn Quarter, D.C. comedian Eddie Bryant has a simple question: “The fuck is that joint?”
Here he is, sitting with fellow comedian Lamont King, at a bar. “We ain’t even got no grocery stores in Southeast. We gotta take care of ourselves, eat good, know what I’m sayin’?” Then [...]

Raising Bell: Washington National Cathedral Reopens Its Central Tower

Thanks to last August's earthquake, the longest-spanning construction project in D.C. is under construction yet again. But on Saturday, for the first time since the 5.8 temblor lightly shook the region, the Washington National Cathedral opened its most imposing structure to more than 400 visitors for a "tower climb."  "That short earthquake did tens of millions of [...]

Quake Toppled Preserved Specimens at Natural History Museum; NGA is Just Fine

Although everything is just about back to normal at the Smithsonian Institution's museums after Tuesday's earthquake, the Smithsonian Castle is closed again today as teams continue to inspect damage sustained by the 156-year-old structure. The Smithsonian announced yesterday that the James Renwick-designed castle sustained "significant damage" to five of its decorative turrets. With heavy rain [...]

Why the Earthquake Moved Arena Stage’s Walls

Unlike many West Coast denizens, architect James Brown isn't sneering at yesterday's 5.8 temblor. "That was a real West Coast earthquake," he says.
Brown works at the Vancouver firm Bing Thom Architects, and supervised the construction of Arena Stage's new Mead Center for American Theater, which opened to great fanfare last fall. If you were at [...]

Reading Tea Leaves: The Connotations of Monumental Damage

By now everyone has had their own cynical response to yesterday's earthquake, the most unoriginal ones involving shots of knocked over lawn chairs (not even from this year's temblor) posted to Facebook pages and blogs. As the day ended, we learned that there was damage to both the Washington Monument and National Cathedral.
While fund drives, [...]

Arts Roundup: What Else Would We Aggregate Today Edition

"We Could Be a Bit Traumatized": Well, maybe. Yesterday's 5.8 magnitude earthquake might was startling, but it was not "particularly injurious," as The Washington Post writes in its A1 story. Over in Style though, Monica Hesse and Jason Horowitz milled about downtown Washington after the evacuation of 15th and L and talked to area office-workers lost [...]

Smithsonian Open Today

The Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo are open today, but the Smithsonian Castle remains closed due to earthquake-related damage.
D.C.'s public libraries have reopened.
The Washington Monument, fractured in yesterday's quake, is closed indefinitely, but the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials have reopened.
The National Cathedral is closed.

Earthquake Rock!

When asked how staff reacted to today's 5.9 magnitude earthquake, Joe's Record Paradise manager Michael Miller said the "first thing that came to mind was the Carole King song."
Here are some of the songs we thought of—sometime after we stopped panicking. Suggestions? Drop a comment.

All Shook Up: Arts in D.C. Get Quaked

My mug spilled some water, but local arts institutions seem to have mostly fared better during today's earthquake. We're calling as many places as we can, so keep checking back here.
Update: A photo posted on the Washington Post website shows damage to a spire at National Cathedral.
The Smithsonian Museums are closed the rest of the day.
Phillips [...]