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Photos: Booby Trap / Antibody Corporation / Necrospective at Fringe

Booby Trap at Fringe, 1358 Florida, NE, Dec. 17th.  More photos here.

Photos: Crank Sturgeon / Strep Torso / Eames Armstrong at Union Arts

Union Arts, 411 New York Ave, NE, Oct. 2nd.  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Photos: Eames Armstrong Performance at the Fridge

Eames Armstrong ~ Untitled at the Fridge, June 25th.

Low-Gallery Diet: Can D.C.’s Art Scene Survive Without Traditional Spaces?

Who’s bothered by the fact that House of Cards tapes in Baltimore, not in D.C.? Let’s see. Folks who work at the District’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, for sure. Young aspirational residents of Capitol Hill, too, I’m betting. The D.C. art world? After last week, when Pussy Riot joined Kevin Spacey and [...]

I Watched the Entirety of a 25-Hour Art Show at DCAC

This past weekend, in honor of its 25th anniversary, DC Arts Center (DCAC) exhibited art nonstop for 25 hours. The goal was to one-up the First 24, the venue's inaugural all-night show that celebrated its opening in 1989. That show, recalls DCAC executive director B. Stanley, was a resounding success, despite being broken up by the cops after getting too raucous. This [...]

Photo: Renée Regan Power Performance


Photo: Persephone by Eames Armstrong and Carolyn Becker

Photo: Anaze Izquierdo Performance Miss Peru

Photo: Raki Malhotra Performance


Photo: Rachel Hrbek and Robert Weimann Performance