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Landmark Theatres Sues Regal, Claims Chain Has Stranglehold on Movies in D.C.

The indie theater chain wants to show first-run commercial movies at its Atlantic Plumbing location.

A Cut Above: Iris, Reviewed

Acclaimed documentarian Albert Maysles' penultimate film makes it clear that age ain’t nothing but a number.

Homeless Filmmakers Tell Their Own Stories in Street Sense Documentary Series

The team traveled to New York to guilt David Letterman into giving one of the directors an internship.

Movieng On: West End Cinema’s Old Competitors and D.C.’s New Film Houses

Netflix, E Street Cinema, and a tiny Mount Pleasant spot set to screen vintage cuts

Screen Grabs: When Theaters Transition to Digital Projection, What’s Lost?

Say it’s 1975. You’re a movie-loving entrepreneur and want to open your own cinema. Couldn’t be that hard, right? Find yourself an auditorium, some padded seats, put up a screen, buy a ton of popcorn—oh, and you’ll need a projector, but nothing too highfalutin. The 35-millimeter film they were projecting 20 years ago is the same [...]

E Street and Bethesda Row Theaters Convert to All-Digital Projection

If you were at the AFI this weekend to catch Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, you were witness to a dying bit of cinema history.
It’s not the 70mm film format that Anderson used to shoot his "Scientology movie"; given that The Master is the first narrative feature shot in that large, gloriously detailed format in [...]

D.C. Shorts, Showcase 10: Pity the Kitty

Short reviews of films from this year's DC Shorts Film Festival
In several of these films, characters struggle to reconcile where they are and where they want to be. About half of the time, I wanted to be there with them.
Negative: Photography as extended foreplay. Irit meets Noam in a park in this Israeli vignette, and she's [...]

Opening Now in Washington? Yeah, Right.

Ned Martel is pissed he's waiting an extra week to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
In Sunday's Washington Post Outlook section, the former editor of Style and occasional Washington City Paper punching bag took a deep dive on a frequent complaint of local filmgoers—that New York and Los Angeles get all the good movies first.
Back in [...]

The Cremaster Cycle, in Tweets

What the world needs now is more batshit-crazy, uncompromising auteurs. David O. Russel has the diva-esque ‘tude and David Lynch the vision, but neither comes close to Matthew Barney for sheer pomposity. His five-part magnum opus, The Cremaster Cycle, is an elusive cinematic treat and for one week only, E Street Cinema will be screening [...]

Blurb Watch: The Sicilian Girl May Be Fascinating, Thrilling, and Nail-Biting, Just Not “FASCINATING, THRILLING, NAIL-BITING!”

I don't keep a tally, I admit, of how often our reviews get blurbed on movie posters—though I'd imagine the answer is "very, very occasionally." But I feel compelled to correct the record somewhat after seeing Washington City Paper's name adorning a poster at E Street Cinema* last night, beneath the words "FASCINATING, THRILLING, NAIL-BITING!"
Those [...]