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E.D. in the E.U.: Marburg, Germany

Dispatches from E.D. Sedgwick's tour through Europe.
We awake in a freezing room in Hamburg and, after breakfast, leave at around noon. The gray sky pisses rain, which stops only as we leave the city, revealing a rainbow. Then, the rainbow disappears, and the gray sky pisses more rain.
Outside Marburg, I see a castle and mistake [...]

E.D. In the E.U.: Show No. 2

Dispatches from E.D. Sedgwick's tour through Europe.
We wake up on the day after Thanksgiving and try a second time to fly to Europe. This time, it works. Air France even waives an extra baggage fee. This is appropriate because, when we arrive in Berlin at noon, we learn that they have lost four of our [...]

E.D. in the Eastern E.U.: Fail

D.C. band E.D. Sedgwick is on tour through Europe to Dec. 11. This marks the first in a series of tour diary entries from singer Justin Moyer.
I make a record and must go to Europe, where people still buy records, to sell it. I am 35 and have been doing this for 10 years.
As soon [...]