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Scream’s Franz Stahl on Being a Teamster, Reconciling With Dave Grohl, and Playing Hardcore Fests Again

D.C. hardcore legends Scream are not the first band to do the punk reunion thing, and won't be the last. But they're doing it in earnest—or at least, as earnestly as adult life permits. Longtime Scream guitarist (and former Foo Fighter) Franz Stahl spoke with Arts Desk by phone from L.A. before flying out for [...]

The Advancement of Dave Smalley

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The tenets of the Advanced Theory are clear. The genius of Advanced artists has evolved past the point of ordinary people's understanding. Advanced artists wear sunglasses indoors. They favor leather jackets. They insist on putting their pictures on the covers of their albums. And [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 4: Dave Smalley

Fourth in a series of 6, Dag Nasty's Dave Smalley presents: "Top 9 Things That Rocked in 2008"
9. Bill Harris artwork in Fredericksburg
Harris is a painter who does stunning, often subtly dark works in lovely little Fredericksburg. He’s a talented artist who creates beautiful still lifes, yet does some understated, twisted works as well. He’s [...]