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ToDo ToDay: Dustin Wong, Nick Flynn, and Shutdown Drink Deals

If you initially misread the title of Dustin Wong’s latest full-length, forgive yourself: It’s called Mediation of Ecstatic Energy, but it’d work just as well if the first word was “Meditation.” It’s an album consumed with spirituality, from the aura photo of Wong on the cover to the song titles referencing his childhood attendance at a [...]

Hume’s “Phasing” Is Pop Concrète

File under evolutionary leaps: Hume—a prog-pop band that this blog has followed very closely—left D.C. last summer for a 100-acre property in Argyle, N.Y. There, the four members played music all day, every day, and otherwise lived communally and "holistically," drummer Wilson Kemp said at the time: "We made great creative strides in a pretty finite [...]

Dustin Wong’s Infinite Love, Reviewed

Baltimore's Ponytail made it onto a lot of critics' year-end lists before calling it quits last August. The spazzy quartet played the biggest summer festivals and won the hearts of brightly colored art-school kids at home and abroad over the course of its too-short existence. Naturally, upon the band's demise, ultra-inventive guitarist Dustin Wong set [...]

Dustin Wong @ Velvet Lounge Tonight!

Dustin Wong is set to release a very long, very intricate solo album, Infinite Love, on Oct. 5. The Ponytail guitarist—a band that has either broken up or is on some kind of Fugazi-style hiatus—is not one to mess around. Infinite Love contains two tracks each roughly 40 minutes long, each containing a dizzying flow [...]