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Don’t Be Bored: Howard Homecoming, Jewish Literary Festival

If you’re a Howardite—or just an aficionado—you know the university’s homecoming week is truly a beacon, and the admission-free International Yardfest is the most economical way to celebrate. (Though acquiring a fresh outfit still costs money.) As usual, this year’s lineup is semi-secret, perhaps because organizers tend to book acts down to the wire—though Young [...]

Photos: Dum Dum Girls @DC9

Dee Dee, Jules and Bambi Dum Dum.  Read the WCP review of I Will Be.

Reviewed: Dum Dum Girls’ I Will Be

With their self-deprecating petticoat name and the arresting, harmonized choruses of their debut I Will Be, the Dum Dum Girls have made a statement that’s both obvious and well-earned: This is girl-group music. It’s an ambition that tips its hat at a long and great continuum, ranging from the Shangri-Las through the Go-Go’s to the [...]

SXSW Recap: Thursday

Another 5 miles on a bike, more tacos, no sleep, and a few more shows:
Deleted Scenes: Having rolled into town in the wee hours of the morning, Deleted Scenes was looking a little worse for the wear at yesterday's show. But however disheveled they were, the bar–a grimy sports dive about a mile out [...]

Arts Roundup: “Do We Really Need a Smurfs Movie?” Edition

The new chairman of the Kennedy Center, financier David M. Rubenstein, told the New York Times that he wants to attract "people who don’t have hair color like mine" (read: young people) to the institution. Also, Democrats and Republicans, preferably at the same time. More: WaPo.
The buzzy, skuzzy, poppy Dum Dum Girls' upcoming cassette-only compilation [...]

Arts Roundup: Christmastime for the Jews Edition

Hello! Tomorrow is Christmas!
Surely many of you will be busy unwrapping presents and donning ugly sweaters and eating delicious things, but not I! See, I'm Jewish, and I've already had my seasonal allotment of gifts and comfort food. But for members of the tribe, there's still plenty to do tonight and tomorrow, including:
- Movies and [...]