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Cartoonist Guy Delisle on His Year in Israel and Creating Jerusalem: Chronicles From the Holy City

Guy Delisle is a French-Canadian expatriate cartoonist who specializes in travelogues. He’s made books about Shenzen, China, and Pyongyang, North Korea, both of which he visited as a supervising animator. He spent a year in Burma after starting a family with an employee of the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders. After leaving the country, he [...]

“Likable Characters Are for Weak-Minded Narcissists”: A Chat with Daniel Clowes

Ace alternative cartoonist Daniel Clowes will be in DC next Monday for a rare appearance to do a Q&A about his new graphic novel, Wilson. Wilson continues Clowes' unflinching creation of unpleasant people and is the first book he didn't serialize in comic books first. The book follows Wilson through his adult life including the [...]