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It Takes a Village to Make a Mixtape

Javier Starks isn't a look-at-me rapper. He's nothing if not respectful, even referring to his male peers as "sir." And while Starks is energetic, he often keeps to himself in public, quietly reciting his own rhymes or studying the performances onstage.
Perhaps that humble demeanor made it easier to secure guest spots for his Faces of [...]

Arts Roundup: Steve Jobs Edition (Or Not)

Poetry No Longer in Motion: TBD's Jenny Rogers talks to area poets about Pretty Face, a local poet and noted performer who's going on hiatus for a while. After 15 years performing at venues around town, the 45-year-old artist has decided to focus on his literary career and invest more time in his band, Sexy [...]

Arts Roundup: Mouse Ears Edition

Deadmi5e: FreeFest! Fifty thousand fans showed up, Arts Desk's Ramon Ramirez and Chris Klimek were tweeting, the Washington Post filed this report, and yet no one has explained to me what, exactly, is the point of Deadmau5. Perhaps I will get satisfaction later today, when Ramirez and Klimek post their reactions to the annual concert.
Devil Hands [...]

Arts Roundup: Surprise Party Edition

Grantland: The National Endowment for the Arts announced $88 million in grants yesterday, a sum that includes a few awards that will help fund the upcoming seasons at several organizations affected by cuts to the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs grant program. The Post's Jacqueline Trescott notes that GALA Hispanic Theatre received $40,000 to [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 31

D.C., you need a little love right now, and ooh yeah, Far Out vs. Hot Dang can give it to you. That's right, yeah, just a little to the left, a little to the right. Cold side, hot side. Mmm. Don't forget to check the Twitpiece. Aw yeah, it's like that. Now let's get somethin' [...]

Arts Roundup: I’m Me, Times Three Edition

Weezy on the Streets of D.C.: The Maybach Music crew and/or Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (they're all pretty much the same, anyway) graced us with their presence this weekend. Did you catch a glimpse of Drizzy Drake, Rick Rozay, Nicki Minaj, or Wayne himself? TBD thoroughly tracked the venues in which the various performers [...]

Thank You for Not Using Autotune, Pro’Verb

The DMV's Pro'Verb takes the "Money to Blow" beat and does his own thing with it. If anything, he gets points for not being Drake. This is nice: "If you don't want no drama, then go take off the Mary Kay."

The 10 Best Albums of 2010, At Least According to Ramon Ramirez

10. Yelawolf—Trunk Muzik

Alabama's Yelawolf emerged as the most interesting rookie of the year in hip-hop. A learned guy with guarded and meticulously crafted raps, Yela would be familiar if he didn't also come with the melodic sensibilities of great southerners. He'll spit double-timed Scribble Jam verses, then sing a crispy hook about Cadillacs [...]

Arts Roundup: Teenage Superstars Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Do you remember this summer's miserable heat and humidity? Between yesterday and today, it's been completely erased from my mind. This fantastic fall weather would be best complimented by a side of Montgomery County-sanctioned skate park and, lucky for those with boundless energy in Takoma Park, they'll have access to a [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Tallest Man on Earth, Po Po, Foals

Best of The Weekend:
Swedish manpeach Kristian Matsson–aka the Tallest Man on Earth, to be accompanied Sunday night with Sean Carey–is too often compared to a young Dylan. Sure, he's able to be rambling and confessional in a single verse. But he can also produce some pretty masterful guitar plunking. Generally accompanied only by guitar, he [...]