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“It Was a Suicide Mission from the Very Start”: A Chat with the Endtables

Drag City's longtime fidelity to Louisville's underground has again paid off. The label just released an amazing anthology of the Endtables, the frenetic post-punk band that burst onto Louisville stages in 1978 and dissolved in 1980. We reviewed the disc last week, and I recently interviewed guitarist Alex Durig to see what he thinks about [...]

This Week in Music: The Endtables

Though The Endtables' self-titled record was recorded over 30 years ago, its post-punk content still feels relevant today. Their musical talents went on to inspire myriad other groups like Squirrel Bait and Babylon Dance Band. Originally released in 1979, the reissue of The Endtables feels urgent, with guitarist Alex Durig's guitar skills wild and ahead [...]

Reviewed: Major Stars’ Return to Form

Nobody shreds like Major Stars—they probably couldn't if they wanted to. The Boston-based sextet packs three full-time guitarists, all of whom, it's fair to say, play lead. While on past Major Stars records, songwriting was treated as a necessary evil, on the group's latest, Return to Form, precision and concision prove just as important as [...]

Fleet Foxes Fans: Don’t Miss Espers Tomorrow

Fleet Foxes have sold out two shows at the 9:30 Club tomorrow night. If you're one of the folks with tickets, a word of advice: show up early to see Espers, who will be opening both shows. Espers are a Philadelphia-based band playing folk music with a heavy dose of psychedelic rock influence. Acid-drenched electric [...]